Dear Fellow Federal Ontario Liberals,

I am pleased to announce that I am running for a 2nd term as President of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario).

I am running for re-election because I continue to be inspired and energized by our Federal Liberal Leader and now Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau to work even harder as your President.

I have decided to seek a 2nd term as LPC(O) President because I want to ensure that our Party in Ontario is as organized as possible to sweep all 121 Ontario ridings in the 2019 Federal campaign.

When I began as LPC(O) President in September 2014, our Party was in 3rd place with a very small caucus – what a difference two years make!

When you, our grassroot volunteers and members, elected me as your President in September 2014, I promised:

  • To be an activist President that would be present on the ground.
  • To expand our field organizing practices to ensure our ground game was second to none heading into the 2015 campaign.
  • To invest resources into our Young Liberal volunteers to ensure we recruited more young people than ever into our Party.
  • To invest resources into campaign training for Liberals of all ages

I am proud of what we have accomplished in the last two years together. A few highlights of my term as LPC(O) President:

  • I personally canvassed door-to-door for 81 Ontario Federal Liberal candidates during the 78 day Federal Election across Ontario. I chaired 59 Nomination Meetings leading up to the election. As President I have attended 94 different ridings.
  • LPC(O) opened up 14 Regional Volunteer Offices across Ontario – our Party ended up winning every riding where we had an LPC(O) regional office last year.
  • We vastly expanded our field organizer program –ensuring our EDA’s and candidates received on the ground support like never before.
  • We did not run a campaign debt at LPC(O) despite going through the longest Federal election in history.
  • We initiated LPC(O)’s ProjectRURAL, a taskforce aimed at improving our campaigning in rural Ontario.
  • We started holding monthly phone meetings with our 41 unheld ridings – connecting our unheld ridings to senior leaders within the Liberal Party on a monthly basis to ensure they are ready to win in 2019.
  • We hired LPC(O)’s first ever Youth Director.
  • We continued LPC(O)’s Summer Internship Program for the fourth straight year, started our LPC(O) Winter Fellowship program, and started our LPC(O) High School Ambassadors Program

I am most proud of the fact that our Ontario Federal Liberal caucus went from 11 to 80 Members of Parliament on October 19, 2015 which helped elect our Leader, Justin Trudeau, as Canada’s Prime Minister.

I have been active in our Liberal Party for 25 years as of October. I have experience in our Party from nearly every imaginable position – as the current LPC(O) President, as the past LPC(O) Executive Vice President, as a Riding President in Hamilton, as a past Federal Liberal candidate, as a past National Director of the Young Liberals of Canada, as a past assistant at the Liberal Party of Canada HQ and for Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, and Leaders of our Party, as a Campaign Manager, and most importantly – as a volunteer.

Like you, I am also a volunteer and take great pride in serving our Party. I hope I can count on your support to continue as your LPC(O) President.